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I was a patient at Bayshore Pointe Nursing and Rehab this place is amazing the nurses and therapy are the most helpful and treated me with respect and helped me when i needed it therapy is the same way very nice taught me exercises and things to do when i go home overall 10 stars
Gwendolyn way
My husband came here unable to walk after a long hospital stay and after a sort stay is now able to walk better than before. The staff was amazing. People that went over and above were the therapist Casey, Bill, Jeanine, cna Ani, Gabby, Jarod. Of course the admin staff stayed on top of everything to make sure we were happy. Don’t hesitate coming here.
Alice Duvall
Thank you La'Shay for all of your knowledge and expertise of skilled nursing homes in the Tampa Bay Area!! You've addressed all questions I've had on transferring a resident out of the state of Virginia! Very Kind Soul!
Caro Abreu
The Best Director of Nurses
John Sheehan
They take such good care of my father in law. He was in another place that was awful. It actually smells good. The food is actually appetizing.
Lorna Boling
Amazing place! Lunch today was top notch. Thank you. This company cares about people and attention to detail!
Shawn Taylor
I have a friend who is a patient there. It was around lunch and was offered a guest tray. Unfortunately, I did not have any money on me, so one of the nurses there offered to get me a free lunch. Her name was Tamisha. I sincerely appreciated that. It was a good meal. So far, I've been very impressed with the care. I think she's in good hands.
Katherine Trombini
This one of the best rehab centers in Tampa. The staff go out of there way for their patients
Becky Bender
The best place.
yaki james
Great staff
Staff were awesome. I actually thought this was also a place that I would love to retire in. Never did inquire about this aspect of home. I was there after a operation. The nursing staff the food they even had a floor to workout with experienced techs.
Brenda Barone
This place has very caring working people. In my opinion this place is what you make of it. I have seen people complain about this place but it is one of your nicer rehabilitation and nursing centers in the Tampa area. The physical and occupational therapist that work there do it because they genuinely want to help patients. The activities department and staff persons are very giving of themselves. I have had family members in this facility and I have been a patient here as well. I never saw a staff member being rude to a patient. Yes as in all facilities there are a few that should not he in health care but these usually do not last. Yes, there are times in health care that units are short staffed. This place is not immune to this shortage. The workers will stay and work over time and they did not mind and did not slack off. I must say that the administration of this place has done and continue to do an excellent job.
Robert Varela
Anne Walker and the whole BP staff we came in contact with are caring, balanced and kind individuals. With a top professional and personal respect for paitients.Paitients that stuggle with immobility phisically and are mentally unwell are all treated fairly and respectfully. I was amazed that after three months of my Mom's rehab care (she broke her leg and got a pacemaker at 90 yrs old)she got good bye notes from some of the staff. Thank you all at Bayshore Pointe with your big Pink building for keeping my mom safe and cared for when she needed you most. With gratitude, Dianne Brill
Dianne Brill